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St. Patty's Clover pack is Available
Commands and Claimblocks

Want to help support the server?   All purchases are used to help improve the server, acquire more ram, reduce lag and improve plugins and ultimately player experience!  Purchasing Commands and Claim Blocks are a great way to help support your favorite server to continually grow and improve!  All purchases are immensely appreciated and it is because of players like you that continuously help VentureBlockMC improve for all!!

  • Please open a ticket on discord in #support if you have any questions.
  • VentureBlockMC does not have any competitive leaderboards.  
  • Purchases are non-refundable
Wireless Pack
15.00 USD
1x Player Warp
5.00 USD
3x Player Warps
10.00 USD
Unlimited Player Warps
25.00 USD
Unlimited Homes
20.00 USD
/fly Command
20.00 USD
/back Command
20.00 USD
5,000 Claim Blocks
7.00 USD
10,000 Claim Blocks
10.00 USD
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